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R4-33-501. Continuing Education Requirement

Continuing education is a prerequisite of your license renewal. A certified manager shall obtain 24 hours of Board-approved continuing education during each biennial period. During the biennial period in which a manager is initially certified, the manager shall obtain one hour of Board-approved continuing education for each month or part of a month remaining in the biennial period. No more than 40 percent of the required hours may be obtained using self-study, online, or correspondence courses.


For 2019, the Arizona Medical Training Institute is providing both eLearning options that allow the Licensed Assisted Living Facility Manager to obtain 40% of their required number of CEUs essential for license renewal; and, a complete schedule for classroom based CEUs. All classes whether classroom based or online are registered with the NCIA Board and cover topics of interest that will be beneficial to the ALFM in operation of their business.

Documenting Your Continuing Education  

The new rule (R4-33-501(E)) requires administrators and managers to maintain records of their continuing education for three (3) years. Certified Managers should insure compliance with this rule; however, AMTI will also maintain copies of all CEUs for three years.

 Auditing Compliance

The NCIA Board will send out renewal notices. They will randomly select a percentage of managers to audit for compliance with the continuing education (CE) regulation for renewing a certificate. You will get the audit notice with the renewal form. Along with returning your renewal application, you will be required to submit documentation showing you completed the required 24 hours of Board approved continuing education within the required time period. You can rest assured knowing that your AMTI CEUs have all been licensed by the NCIA Board. Your certification of completion includes the NCIA Board license number, your guarantee of compliance!

CE Course Compliance

The NCIA Board requires that a minimum of 60% of approved courses be taken through classroom instruction. The balance can be taken online or through correspondence. If you need all 24 NCIA CEUs to renew this means 14 must be taken in-classroom, while 10 can be taken online. You couldn’t make a better choice! AMTI provides both in classroom and online programs to help you meet your NCIA Board requirement.


  • Should be a certified ALFM


  • Must score 80% or higher on course competency exam


  • Course Tuition is $10.00 per NCIA Board approved CEU.