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AMTI is #1 AGAIN! Arizona Medical Training Institute students continue to excel! The Arizona State Board of Nursing released the “2016 First Time State Board Licensure Pass Rates” for every program in Arizona and AMTI students (675 of them) were once again #1! AMTI first time pass rate was 96% written and 92% on skills versus the State Average of 86% and 79% respectively. Great job AMTI graduates! The results speak for themselves, AMTI is Arizona’s premier healthcare training institute. Why would you attend anywhere else?

Effective July 1, 2016, individuals who pass an approved nursing assistant training program, receive a certificate from the program and who satisfactorily pass the written and manual competency exam (State Board Exam), may choose to apply to the Board as a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) or remain on the Registry of Nursing Assistant as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). No fee is required by the Board to remain on the registry as a CNA. For the LNA, a $ 50.00 initial application fee plus a $50.00 fingerprint criminal history fee applies. Both CNA/LNA certificate/license requires renewal every two (2) years on the birth month. For the LNA, a $50.00 renewal fee is required by the Board. As a note: CNAs who later decide to become an LNA, can pay an application fee to the Board as well as possibly a criminal history fee of $50.00. Students should contact the Board for more information or check out the AMTI Blog. Read “What Is The Difference Between A CNA And An LNA?”. This blog article will more fully explain the differences and will hopefully help you make the right decision for you.

The Certified Nursing Assistant-Licensed Nursing Assistant Program, as approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing is a 120-hour program comprised of 80 classroom/laboratory hours and 40 clinical externship hours. This quick but thorough training program focuses on the important skills to get you certified as a nursing assistant so you can begin your new career in healthcare.

As an option for those who qualify, the Arizona Medical Training Institute offers to students with nursing experience, a competency demonstrated Advanced Placement Program leading to a certification of completion as a Nursing Assistant that complies with AAC R4-19-801-805. The time and tuition commitment is greatly reduced for those who qualify. Specifically, candidates for admission must show acceptable proof of 2080 hours of nursing assistant employment in a hospital, skilled nursing  or hospice within the past five (5) years; and/or, successfully completing a Nursing Assistant Program that included direct patient care experiences as part of the curriculum within the past two (2) years. Those students who are interested and meet these minimum qualifications, must interview with the APP Administrator to determine suitability for this fast track program.  If approved, candidates must next pass a Pre-Admission Test and submit documentation to verify employment and/or training as noted.  AMTI’s APP Administrator will have sole discretion to allow the admission to proceed or to recommend admission into the full Nursing Assistant Program. The Administrator’s decision is final.

The full Nursing Assistant program provides students with the theory and skills required to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant or a Licensed Nursing Assistant in long-term care, intermediate care, and acute care settings. The curriculum includes classroom/lab/clinical instruction in physiology, psychological, and basic nursing care needs when caring for clients with a primary focus on long-term care. Teaching methods encompass a variety of strategies including hands-on practice, discussion, instructional skill videos, computer-aided technology, as well as laboratory and clinical based work experience.

Students will learn about the Nursing Assistant’s role, foundation of resident care, understanding resident and family needs, anatomy and physiology, personal care skills, basic nursing skills, nutrition and hydration, chronic and acute conditions, and rehabilitation and restorative services. Graduates of the Certified Nursing Assistant- Licensed Nursing Assistant Program will be expected to take the Nursing Assistant Board exam to obtain licensure from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. For the AMTI student, the CNA-LNA State Board exam is administered on campus generally within one week after graduation. Licensing requirements are the exclusive responsibility of the Arizona State Board of Nursing. As a note, once passing the Nursing Assistant Board exam, students will be automatically entered onto the Board’s Nursing Assistant Registry as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Candidates who choose the Licensed Nursing Assistant path must complete an LNA Application, pay $ 100.00 and submit a completed fingerprint card for processing by the Board.

Choose the pace that is comfortable for you with daytime, evening and weekend class options. There is a three (3) week day program (Monday thru Friday from 7:00am to 330pm – 1 week clinic from 6:00am to 3:30pm), five (5) week evening program (Monday thru Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm – 1 week clinical from 6:00am to 3:30pm and/or 2 weekends of clinical if 10 students), or complete training in six (6) weekends (Saturday & Sunday from 7:00am to 5:30pm – clinical from 6:00am to 6:30pm).

Advanced Placement students, once approved, must pass competency exams including the course final exam, successfully demonstrate all 21 AZBN required skills to an AMTI RN Instructor, and demonstrate competency in providing direct resident care during a 16 hours clinical externship.

The Arizona Medical Training Institute trains the most Certified Nursing Assistants – Licensed Nursing Assistants in all of Arizona. The school is located in Mesa near the 202 Red Mountain Freeway and sees students come from all over the Valley, including Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert. Even students from outside the Valley, including places like Tucson, Flagstaff, Casa Grande, Lake Havasu and more, travel further to come to AMTI knowing they are getting the best training in the state. Year after year, we are proud to be the #1 CNA/LNA vocational school in the Valley of the Sun and in all of Arizona.

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How much does CNA – LNA training cost?

  • Course tuition is $1,155.00. Advanced Placement tuition is $ 850.00.
  • Tuition includes all textbook/lab materials, healthcare provider level CPR, TB test by serum, uniform top, stethoscope, B/P cuff, and gait belt). Advanced Placement tuition includes a textbook and uniform top.
  • Pay tuition in full at registration, or choose one-half ($577.50) at registration and balance ($577.50) due your first week of class. Or select a 3 payment ($300.00) or 6 payment ($150.00) option from eCashier after meeting a registration requirement of $255.00. Tell me about eCashier Advanced Placement students must be paid in full at registration.
  • Clinical Orientation Fee = $ 10.00 payable during the course.
  • State Board Exam is $118.00 payable to AMTI post graduation.
  • LNA application fee = $ 50.00; LNA fingerprint background fee = $ 50.00.
  • Questions about Financial Aid?

What are the CNA program prerequisites?

  • Successful completion of CNA – LNA Admissions Test in English language, reading and math as necessary to comprehend course materials and perform duties safely.
  • No active Felony (ARS 32-1606) in the past 5 years or Unprofessional Conduct (ARS 32-1601)
  • Proof of Citizenship (U.S. Birth Certificate or Passport) or legal residency status.
  • Students must provide Doctor’s note on suitable health to take the course.
  • Students must be TB free and be able to pass a TB test or provide prior results no older than 6 months from testing.
  • Current CPR at the Healthcare Provider Level (AMTI provides).
  • Advanced Placement students have additional pre-requisites identified on the Advanced Placement Information Sheet.

What are the CNA – LNA course completion requirements?

  • Complete 80 classroom and 40 clinical hours
  • Score 80% or higher on classroom exams, 80% or higher on clinical grades, and 80% or higher on the course final exam.
  • Must pass the Arizona State Nursing Board Exam to become a CNA. For LNA licensure, submit an LNA Application, pay the fee of $100.00 to the Board, and pass the State Board of Nursing Background check.

Where can you work as a Certified Nursing Assistant?

  • CNA’s and LNA’s work in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice organizations, home health care agencies and nursing registries. These positions require the candidate to be a CNA in good standing on the Registry or a Licensed Nursing Assistant, and at least 18 years old. Upon passing the State Board, all candidates will be CNA’s once updated in the registry and can begin work immediately. For those desiring to be an LNA, you can begin working immediately as a CNA and once your license is issued, will be updated in the Registry with your LNA license number.