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Important: DHS Regulations state that CPR/FA can either be American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or National Safety Council. AMTI uses the American Safety & Health Institute to save you money! 

DHS states that you need to have a policy authorizing ASHI. Download the policy below to be in compliance. AMTI could change, but rates would increase for the same training. AMTI stands with you! 

American Safety & Health Institute’s CPR and First Aid programs are designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation with skills that can save a life and/or prevent further harm. CPR certification is at the adult level only, providing two (2) years of certification, per OSHA guidelines. First Aid certification also provides two (2) years of certification. First Aid and CPR training teaches choking procedures, emergency medical response, and how to respond in life-threatening situations,as well as, accident prevention and life-saving techniques. Our classes are set in a casual, interactive learning environment. Class time is spent practicing the skills through working with partners, groups, and the CPR manikins.

CPR - First Aid

It is a very hands-on approach which helps you to understand the topics more easily. Students in our courses include people of all ages, skills and interest levels.

For 2016, classes are scheduled for two evenings during the month from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Day classes are available two times during the month from 2:30pm to 6:00pm. TB testing is also available – you can register for this online as well.

Students can take CPR and First Aid at AMTI. Employers have the option, with a minimum of 5 students to take CPR and First Aid on-site at your location. Along with teaching Adult CPR, courses can also be provided, per request, covering CPR for Infant, Child, and Adult with A.E.D. or the Automated External Defibrillator. A.E.D. training is hands on using simulated A.E.D. devices.

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  • None required


  • Pass a competency review


  • Course Tuition is $ 19.00 for Adult CPR, $16.00 for First Aid or $35.00 for both.
  • TB Testing is $15.00