Arizona Medical Training Institute

Class Information & Schedules

Short term training to a long term career means that your course at the Arizona Medical Training Institute moves fast. Getting sick, getting behind, or just plain getting caught in one of life’s challenges that result in being late or missing class entirely…happens. Provisions exist to make-up both classroom and clinical absences/tardiness. Clinical absences/tardiness can only be made up with clinical replacements in a future class, subject to clinical availability. Students have the option to arrange an unscheduled clinical day for a fee of $250.00 subject to AMTI approval.  Classroom absences/tardiness’s can be made up by classroom replacements in an existing or future class. Use the class schedules to stay current with your class, select make-up classes in other sessions, or to take advantage of a free study hall led by an RN instructor or one of AMTI’s Teaching Assistants.