Student Grievance Policy


1. Students are encouraged to begin with the instructor, because it will likely result in immediate resolution.

2. Unresolved problems previously discussed with the instructor, need to be explained in writing and submitted to the Director of the Academic Program. The student and the instructor will meet with the Director to discuss the concern within 3 business days of receipt of the letter, or at a mutually convenient time for all parties. After the meeting, the Director shall respond to the student in writing within 3 business days regarding the issues discussed during the meeting and how the student’s concerns will be addressed.

3. Continued unresolved concerns of the student will be addressed with AMTI’s Dean of Operations. The Dean will contact the student within 3 business days to resolve concerns. Within 3 business days, the Dean will make an assessment by gathering facts and accessing relevant factors, then will render a written decision to the student.

4. If the student’s complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the AMTI’s grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint with the following regulating agencies for the corresponding program:


Regulating Agency

Maintenance of StudentRecords & Academic Files

Medical Lab Assistant

Cardiographic Technician

Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education1740 W Adams Street, Suite 3008

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602-542-5709


Maintained in Perpetuity
Nursing Assistant

Advance Placement

Restorative CNA

Arizona State Board of Nursing 1740 W Adams Street, Suite 2000Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602-771-7800


3 years
Assisted Living Caregiver

CNA Bridge

Assisted Living Manager

Nursing Care Institution Administrators & AssistedLiving Facility Managers

1740 W Adams Street, Suite 2490

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602-364-2374


3 years

The student must contact the specific state regulatory agency for further details about their internal policies, procedures, and regulations.