11 CNA Practice Exams to Help You Prepare for the State Boards

As a CNA student, it is crucial to prepare for your state board written exam; one of the final steps required to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Once you’re done with your CNA classes, you’ll most likely want to take a little time to study. Arizona Medical Training Institute has put together a list of 11 websites that have CNA practice tests to help you get ready for your state’s final CNA written exam. These are just a few of the practice exams available so if you find another that you think is an amazing help, let us know about it. When reading through the list below, remember that all state written exams are different and none of these exams are exactly what you’ll be seeing on your specific CNA state written exam. The main purpose of these CNA practice exams is to review the information you ought to know as a CNA; information that could show up on an actual CNA state written exam. Read through, find the practice tests that work for you, and best of luck!

1. D&S Diversified Technologies:

D&S Diversified Technologies is the provider of the Arizona State CNA Written Exam, which is why we recommend studying their sample exams and practice test. D&S has the option for a free 10 questions sample exam, available to anyone without signing up, or perspective CNAs have the ability to create an account and pay for multiple attempts on the D&S comprehensive practice exam. All questions on the paid practice exam have been created by CNA/STNA subject matter experts. However, D&S does not guarantee that all information covered by the practice exam pertains to the exam taker’s specific state curriculum. The information regarding the sample 10 question exam and the paid practice exam is located on the left side of the page.

Click the image below to visit D&S Diversified Technologies.

D&S Diversified Technologies CNA practice exam webpage

This 10 question exam is available from Southern Illinois University (SIU) for anyone to take. No student credentials are required to log in and no account must be created. SIU does make it clear that the questions on the exam are not actually on the competency exam or a study guide of the content you’ll cover on the exam. The exam does cover information you should know as a CNA.

Southern Illinois University CNA practice exam webpage
3. CNA Career Class:

Upon completing a free registration, CNA students have the ability to use the training materials provided by CNA Career Class. Premium memberships are available, however, to access training materials a free account is all that is required.

CNA Classes practice exam webpage
4. 4CNAs:

The online magazine, 4CNAs, provides links to a number of state-specific practice exams for free and no registration is required. However, it should be noted that although some of the links provided valuable pdf files including practice questions and a corresponding answer key, many of the links are broken or outdated. It is worth a try to find out if they do have a practice exam for your specific state.

4CNAs practice exam webpage
5. CNA Thrive:

CNA students can take any of the free 9 short practice exams available that cover specific areas of study such as patient safety, data collecting and reporting, and daily duties. For CNA students to take the Premium CNA Practice Test provided by CNA Thrive it does require a registration and a $10 fee.

CNA Thrive practice exam webpage
6. CNA Online:

No registration or fee is required from CNA students to take advantage of CNA Online’s 60 question practice exam. On average the practice exam takes 20 minutes to complete. Upon completing the free practice exam, all of the incorrect answers will be displayed with the correct answer highlighted in green.

CNA Online practice exam webpage
7. CNA Tutor:

The free 60 question practice written exam provided by CNA Tutor is taken from a pool of 300 questions. As CNA students submit an answer to each question, a notification is given to let the student know if the answer was correct or incorrect. Also provided free of charge are study aids on the left side of the screen that include vocabulary flashcards, vocabulary crossword puzzles, and exam flashcards.

CNA Tutor practice exam webpage
8. Practice CNA Test:

CNA students are provided with 2 free CNA practice tests without having to register prior to taking the exams. Each written exam consists of 60 CNA knowledge base questions. Upon answering each question, the CNA student will be notified if their answer was correct or incorrect. All questions answered incorrectly are accompanied by an alert that directs the student to the correct answer.

Practice CNA Test webpage
9. CNA Exam Cram:

By visiting CNA Exam Cram, students can take the 50 question practice exam posted on the website. Although the site mentions taking an automated exam, it would appear that the only available practice test is located at the bottom of the page. Further below the CNA practice exam are the answers to each of the questions. CNA Exam Cram also provides other resources to CNA students preparing to take state competency exams.

CNA Exam Cram practice test webpage
10. CNA Training Help:

Without registration or a fee, CNA students are able to take one or both of the CNA practice written exams provided by CNA Training Help. The helpful website also makes the exams available for free download as a pdf. CNA Training Help has other resources available to help students prepare for the CNA state exams.

CNA Training Help practice exam webpage
11. Union Test Prep:

CNA students will love the practice tests offered at Union Test Prep. Although you can create a profile and login information, it isn’t specifically required of you. So if all you would like to do is to take the test without giving any personal information, you’re more than welcome to do so. Not only does Union Test Prep offer free CNA practice tests for various areas of study, but they also free study guides and flashcards to further help students prepare for any written CNA exam.

union test prep page