Does AMTI accept FAFSA?

Does AMTI take FAFSA or Student Loans?

This question arises from time to time for students looking to use FAFSA (Student Loans) to help pay for school. Arizona Medical Training Institute has several different options for our programs; however, FAFSA is not one of them.

What is FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is also known as Title IV Funding. The funding gets its name from Title IV of the U.S. Higher Education Act. This act enables federal funding programs to be used for individuals requiring aid to help pay for higher education. Learn more about FAFSA, and what it encompasses.

Higher Education is classified as Post-Secondary education, or education received after High School Graduation. These funds were approved to help leverage the cost of Universities and Colleges which can be anywhere from $30k-$100K+.

Since AMTI is a vocational trainer, our programs are rather short in duration and relatively cheap in comparison to completing an Associates, Bachelors, or higher level of education. Thus, Title IV funding is not intended to fund such programs. They are better utilized for the levels previously mentioned.


State and Local Grant Programs

There are many options that are available to AMTI students to help leverage the cost of their education. Several of our Programs are regulated, monitored, and intended for in-state use. Thus, there are several local and state agencies that can help AMTI students fund their education. There is a list of some of the programs that students have utilized in the past on AMTI’s Website.

One of those avenues students have used is acquiring funding through the Workforce Investment Act, or W.I.A. Funding. There are several agencies supported by the Department of Economic Security that utilize this funding pool to help individuals acquire vocational training for those in a career transition, or getting help to gain skills to acquire a new job after a layoff, etc.

These programs run grant programs that range from $50 – $4000 dollars, with each having their own unique requirements. Please bear in mind that these programs are separate from Arizona Medical Training Institute and AMTI can make no guarantees of attaining funding.

The 2 most prominent programs that student have used from this funding platform are Arizona Workforce Connections and Maximus Jobs Program.

AMTI Payment Plans

AMTI also offers payment plans that students can set up to help disburse their tuition into smaller chunks to help fit the tuition cost into their current budget. AMTI utilizes a 3rd party company called NelNET, they are the provider of a tuition management approach to post- secondary education cost and are utilized by over 40% of Community Colleges and Universities.

Learn more about the NelNET eCashier payment option.

This is not a loan, and no interest will be charged on the tuition amount owed. For Programs that can use the NelNET Payment Plan Option, students will have the choice of repayment in 3 or 6 month intervals.

The following is a breakdown of the different programs and what the payments would be:

Nursing Assistant


Medical Lab Asst. MLA+ PHB Module

Patient Care Tech

Program Cost






Down Payment






3 Month Payments






6 Month Payments






Private Student Loans

AMTI also has partnered with Mountain America Credit Union, a lender that supplies private student loans for students seeking vocational, or certificate based training. In order to get approved for the loan you will have to apply directly through MACU.

Learn more about Mountain America Credit Union Student Loans

So there you have it…Does AMTI accept FAFSA?

No, but we do offer several paths to help fund your education and get the training you need to start your new career. For more information on the resources in this post, or if you have questions, contact Student Services at 480-835-7679.

See you in class!

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