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A blend is an integrated learning strategy that combines “online” self learning of general course material and “in-class” instructor led training of critical content and skills necessary for vocational success and/or educational progression. Blended eLearning is an exceptional approach for delivering on promises about learning and performance. For example, for the Assisted Living Caregiver training program, general course content such as the 22 Resident Rights can be provided online, while in classroom training on medication administration to a resident can be taught interactively by a Registered Nurse instructor. Blending involves a planned combination of approaches that will facilitate improved student outcomes in both knowledge and skill application important to employers as well as colleges and universities.

Why blended eLearning?

A study by Peter Dean and his colleagues found that providing several linked options for learners, in addition to classroom training, increased what they learned. In 2002, Harvard Business School faculty member’s DeLacey and Leonard reported that students not only learned more when online sessions were added to traditional courses, but student interaction and satisfaction improved as well. Thomson and NETg.com released a 2003 white paper that reported speedier performance on real world tasks by people who learned through a blended strategy—faster than those studying through eLearning alone.

What’s in an eLearning blend?

Options for blended learning go beyond the classroom. They’re formal and informal, technology-and people-based, independent or engaged, and directive- and discovery-oriented. Online allows learning at your pace and at a time convenient for you. In class allows for choices of class time and can also provide clinical externships. What’s in a blend is really about instructor’s spending more time with student’s focused on areas that are of value to the receiver of your new skills. Touching lives in need is what brought you to AMTI. Preparing you to meet this special need is what AMTI is all about.