1) Click here or click “ELEARNING” in the menu to the left and follow the link that says “Log in to your eClassroom”. You should not try to login on the AMTI homepage. This is for your student registration account, not your eLearning.

2) Type in your username. Shortly after registration you will receive an email from Student Services containing both your username and password used to access the eClassroom.

3) Type in the password in the email you received from Student Services. You can change your password later if you choose. Passwords are case sensitive. Carefully enter the password, paying attention up uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

4) Once you have logged in, click on the name of your course. For example, CNA students, click on the link that says: “2015 CNA Online Training”. For Phlebotomy Students, click on “Phlebotomy Technician”. And so on, depending on your course.

5) For CNA students, start with the CNA Admissions Test. This should be completed before moving on to the course work. All other courses, please carefully read the course instructions found in your eClassroom to know where you should begin your eLearning and what assignments are required.

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