TUITION COST: $20 Per Unit Hour


  • 26 Hours Online
  • 20 Hours in Class & Lab
    • Pass a competency test
    • Course Tuition is $ 20.00 per CEU hour.
    • The eLearning CEU courses begin upon enrollment. Due to the electronic delivery method of the eLearning CEUs, the online CEUs are non-refundable.

Caregiver Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Arizona Medical Training Institute offers Caregiver CEUs that will allow the Assisted Living Facility Manager an online approach to meeting the Department of Health Services (DHS) standards (R9-10-803 (b)).

The online Caregiver CEUs provided by AMTI are as follows:

  • Supervisory Care (10 CEUs)
  • Personal Care (3 CEUs)
  • Directed Care (7 CEUs)

Additional CEUs AMTI offers to help Caregivers excel in their roles such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Infection control
  • Medications management
  • Fall prevention

Upon completion, Caregivers receive a certification of completion. The certification qualifies as supportive documentation to prove compliance with R9-10-803 (b). After the caregiver receives a passing grade for the CEU, the certification is automatically sent to the caregiving facility or the manager of the caregiver.

Because Caregiver CEUs are taken online, via AMTI’s eLearning classroom, the CEU can be accessed from any personal computer or device that has access to the internet. Each CEU is comprised of instructional lecture lessons and quizzes that covers the information learned from the lecture lesson.

R9-10-803. Administration (Employee Ongoing Training)

The Department of Health Services set regulations regarding the annual requirement for caregiver continuous education. R9-10-803 (b) requires that the Assisted Living Facility Manager define policies and procedures that cover in-service education for employees.

Furthermore, the Department of Health Services, when conducting a state survey, will audit for compliance with the center or home’s policy and procedures covering in-service education for employees and volunteers. Compliance issues will result in a deficiency that will need to be remediated.

By using the Caregiver CEUs at AMTI you’ll be ensuring that your facility or home is in compliance with the DHS in-service education standards.