Schedule Options: Daytime or Weekends

  • Daytime: 1 week, Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 4:00pm
  • Weekend: 2 weekends, Saturdays & Sundays, 7:00am – 5:30pm

    Payment Options:

    • Option 1: Pay course tuition of $600.00 in full at registration.

    Possible Additional Costs:

    • Maricopa County Food Handler’s Card – approximately $14.00 (may vary). This is required to take the Arizona Written Final Exam.
    • Arizona State Written Final Exam through D&S Diversified Technology = $65.00
    • TB Skin Test = currently unavailable through AMTI
    • Fingerprinting = $20
    • DPS Fingerprint Card = $67.00.
      • PLEASE NOTE: To “work” (not required to take the course) in Assisted Living, employment applicants must have current certification in *CPR/FA; have a current Negative TB Test; and, have or in process of receiving a finger print clearance card from DPS.

    *CPR & First Aid training is available at Heart Savers (conveniently located immediately next door to the AMTI school).

    Required to Register:

    • Students must be at least 18 years old to become a Caregiver.
    • The ability to read, write, and communicate effectively in English.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are a currently Arizona Certified Nursing Assistant and want the Assisted Living Caregiver training, you are eligible for the Caregiver Bridge program.

    Caregiver Course Requirements:

    • Complete 20 eLearning Hours and 42 classroom hours for a total of 62 hours.
    • Complete Requirements For the Arizona Food Handlers Card. (effective 10/1/13)
    • Complete and Submit the AZDPS fingerprint card application. (effective 10/1/13)
    • Pass all class exams and the course final exam with an 80% or higher.
    • Pass the Arizona State Final Exam through D&S Diversified Technology

    Caregiver Employment Opportunities:

    • Vocational opportunities exist to work as an Assisted Living Caregiver in assisted living homes, facilities, and home health care agencies.
    • To be employed in the Caregiver capacity, you must:
      • Be a Certified Assisted Living Caregiver
      • be 18 years old
        • PLEASE NOTE: 16 to 17 year olds can work as an Assistant Assisted Living Caregiver
      • Have current CPR & First Aid certification
      • Pass a Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Background check
      • Have a current negative TB test

By choosing the Assisted Living Caregiver program at Arizona Medical Training Institute, you’re choosing to be a part of one of the most successful caregiver programs in AZ. You’re off to a great start!

Assisted Living Caregiver Course Description

Course Structure:

Assisted Living Caregiver students will complete a minimum of 62 hours of course attendance as mandated by the state board.

Caregiver students will receive login credentials for the distance learning materials. The distance learning chapters can be completed before, after or during the classroom phase. All instructions and log in credentials necessary to complete the distance learning portion of the course are delivered to the email address the student provides AMTI.

Next, Caregiver students will attend and complete 42 hours of classroom instruction. During the Caregiver course, students must pass all chapter exams with an 80% or higher. To help students study and prepare for the exams, AMTI provides Caregiver students with online study aids accessible via the eLearning class portal.

Finally, Caregiver students must pass the Assisted Living Caregiver course final exam with an 80% or higher. Upon passing students are eligible to sit for the Arizona State Board NCIA Exam.

Caregiver Curriculum:

As a student, you will learn required skills and materials associated with assisted living care, including:

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Service plans
  • Infection control
  • Nutrition and food preparation
  • Fire, safety, and emergency procedures
  • Home environment and maintenance
  • Basic caregiver skills
  • Mental health and social services
  • Care of the cognitively impaired resident
  • Basic restorative services
  • Medication management.

Caregiver instruction will be delivered by hands-on practice, class discussion, videos, and eLearning materials. Come prepared to learn and participate!


Once a student of AMTI, you’ll be a part of a powerful network of dedicated healthcare professionals. AMTI continually boasts one of the highest first-time pass rates of the AZ NCIA final exam in all of Arizona. You’ll be attending a class lead by current industry professionals that continue to work in the healthcare field.