If you have up to 8 or more staff members requiring training and don’t have the budget to send everyone away to attend a course, consider an on-site training program. This is a cost-effective option available from AMTI – bringing us to you and avoiding the cost of sending staff off-site for training! As the leading provider of on-site training, we offer a variety of Arizona DHS approved programs as well as customized training topics that can be tailored to solve your company’s performance challenges, or to support organizational development goals.

Assisted Living Caregiver

What could be easier? The great training at AMTI comes to you. With a minimum of 8 employees, AMTI can conduct the Assisted Living Caregiver Training Program at your facility, or the CPR/First Aid Program, or both without your employees having to leave their comfort zone. The amazing part is that there is no difference in tuition cost! Great programs, same tuition cost, and we come to your doorstep. We work with you to determine a time that will work for everyone.

Situational Training

With a large faculty of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses on staff, and a list of other licensed specialists (PT, OT, ST, Prosthetics Specialist), we can customize a training program just for you. From ostomy care, to insulin administration, or to medications, we will work with you to custom fit a program or just bring our own. Like everything that AMTI does, the tuition is affordable and reasonable with a result that will exceed your expectations.

On-Site Training Programs available are:

  • Assisted Living Caregiver
  • CPR, First Aid.
  • DHS In-Services (Balanced CEUs for Caregivers)
  • Customized Programs

To set up On-Site Training, contact Student Services at: studentservices@azmti.com or