• Includes Textbook
  • Includes Lab Materials

Next Class: July 16 & 17

  • 1 weekend, Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    RCNA Course Requirements:

    • Complete 3 eLearning hours and 16 classroom hours for 19 total hours.
    • Score 75% or higher on course final exam.

    Payment Options:

    • Pay course tuition of $299.00 (includes textbook, lab materials) in full at registration.

    RCNA Employment Opportunities:

    • RCNA training can expand opportunities for the licensed CNA to apply their skills as part of the Skilled Nursing Facility’s Restorative Nursing Team.
    • Typically the RCNA training can earn CNAs a higher wage and is an attractive skill employers like to see on a resume.

Restorative CNA

Upon completing the Restorative CNA program, students will have a comprehensive understanding of restorative nursing assistant practices. The  2-day course will teach a wide variety of restorative practices to help CNAs in their current roles.

Restorative Curriculum cover foundational instruction for:

  • therapeutic exercise
  • functional transfer
  • bed mobility and ambulation techniques
  • skills to promote independent self-care
  • successful methods to assist with restorative dining

With the elderly and aging population growing each year Restorative CNA training is a vital skillset that every nursing assistant should have. With restorative training as part of your resume, you’ll be an asset to any local employer.

Course Structure:

First, students will complete 3 hours of eLearning material before attending the classroom phase.

Next, students attend the 2-day restorative care training class.  During the 2 days, students will learn from industry professionals and have hands-on skills training.

Weekend 1 – Saturday and Sunday – 8:00am to 5:00pm

  • Lecture and Skills, Final Exam on Sunday

Students must pass the final exam with a 75% or higher and demonstrate each skill with 100% competence. Upon passing the final exam and the skills, students will earn a Restorative CNA certificate of completion.


Course material will be delivered by:

  • A licensed physical therapist
  • An occupational therapist
  • A speech language pathologist
  • A prosthetic limb specialist.