RN Program Prerequiste

Are you looking to apply to Registered Nurse program in Arizona? There is a new prerequisite on the way and we can help. If you are applying to an RN program at a Maricopa Community College, please be aware that all applications submitted on and after December 23, 2021, will require the completion of a Nurse Assistant (NA) course. You will need to have a current Nurse Assistant certification (CNA) or license (LNA) as a requirement for application.

Central Arizona College also requires applicants to be a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA).

Here at Arizona Medical Training Institute you can fast track your application process by completing one of our accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant programs. With our daytime, evening or weekend classes you can get your CNA or LNA certification in 4 to 8 weeks. No need to delay your application waiting to enroll or complete a semester long program.

Multiple class options start each month. View the full class offerings and find the one that fits your schedule. If you need any help enrolling or have any questions about the new requirement, please reach out to Student Services and we will be happy to help.