Six Tips for Passing Multiple Choice Tests

As you pursue your career in virtually any post secondary institution, assessing your knowledge will often entail taking multiple choice tests. As a student of any AMTI program such as Phlebotomy, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Lab Assistant, EKG Tech, Assisted Living Caregiver or Assisted Living Manager, you will be required to take multiple choice tests. This method of testing is designed to test your knowledge of the subject you are studying and challenge your ability to draw upon that knowledge.

Though nothing can replace good study habits and a solid knowledge base of the subject, there are a few key strategies that can aid you during the multiple-choice tests.

1. Carefully read the question. Make sure you read all the words in the question. Leaving one word out can completely alter what is being asked. Also, don’t add any other meaning to the question. Read it as it is.

2. Before you look at the answers listed, try to answer the question in your mind.

3. Read all choices carefully before selecting an answer.

-Eliminate extraneous or obviously wrong answers. Answers that seem to mean the same thing are usually both wrong.

-Be careful with answers that differ by only one or two words because they usually have a very different meaning and often one or the other is correct.

-Check for any absolutes. Answers with words like never/always are usually wrong.

-Don’t let key qualifying words like “not, neither, either, or rather than” in questions trick you up. They are there to test your ability to recognize the change in meaning. Watch for them.

-Be alert to the timing in the question so that you answer it carefully. An example is testing vs pretesting. One means “as the test is occurring” while the other means “before the test occurs”.

4. If you do not know the answer, limit the amount of time you spend on that question. Answer the easier questions first and then go back to the harder ones. Easy questions often give clues to the more difficult ones.

5. Do not change your answers unless you are positive you know the right answer and that you originally answered it incorrectly. If you studied well and are using the above suggestions, your initial instinct is often correct.

6. Answer all questions. If you leave it blank, you know it’s going to be marked wrong. Guessing at least increases the odds.

Before you come for your test, get a good night’s sleep and have a healthy meal or snack. This will help you be at your best. If you enjoy yoga, the use of good breathing relaxation techniques are recommended to help with test anxiety, both before and during the test taking.

AMTI wants you to succeed in your career choice so prepare well, breathe deeply, fly high and pass that test! We look forward to celebrating your success with you!